Welcome to the CSRC

About the Consortium

To apply for membership in the Computer Science Resources Consortium or to obtain further information, please contact Laurie Brogdon, Director of External Relations, Department of Computer Science (0902), Virginia Tech, 2202 Kraft Drive, Blacksburg, VA 24060. Telephone: (540) 231-6819; e-mail: lbrogdon@cs.vt.edu. More information on membership can also be found on our page for employers.

The Computer Science Resources Consortium is a group of technology companies that work together with the Department of Computer Science at Virginia Tech to bridge the gaps between industry and academia. Our mission is to identify and support the needs of teachers and researchers, students and employers.

The CSRC was created by the Department of Computer Science at Virginia Tech in 1982. Its members are constantly seeking ways to open new channels of communication between faculty and corporate researchers and to form effective partnerships. We are equally dedicated to facilitating communication between talented students and employers who have demonstrated a commitment to higher education.

Through our efforts, quality corporations enjoy a level of access and visibility which supplements that offered by the Career Services at Virginia Tech.