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Singh, H. L., D. Gracanin, and K. Matkovic, "Poster: A load simulation and metrics framework for distributed virtual reality", Proceedings of the IEEE Virtual Reality 2008 Conference, pp. 287–288, March, 2008.
Kim, J. - S., D. Gracanin, H. L. Singh, K. Matkovic, and J. Juri, "A tangible user interface system for CAVE applications", Proceedings of the IEEE Virtual Reality 2006 Conference, March, 2006.
Gracanin, D., H. L. Singh, M. G. Hinchey, M. Eltoweissy, and S. A. Bohner, "CSP agent modeling framework for Cougaar agent-based architecture", Proceedings of the 12th Annual IEEE International Conference and Workshop on the Engineering of Computer Based Systems (ECBS 2005), Greenbelt, MD, pp. 255–262, April, 2005.
George, B., H. L. Singh, S. A. Bohner, and D. Gracanin, "Requirements capture for Cougaar modeldriven architecture system", Proceedings of the 29th Annual NASA Software Engineering Workshop, Greenbelt, MD, April, 2005.