Center for High End Computing Systems

High-end computing refers to high capability and high capacity computing, communication and storage resources.  The focus at Virginia Tech is on high-end computing systems research, broadly defined.  Progress in this area enhances our ability to solve large-scale problems from a myriad of application areas.  Participants combine expertise in many traditional areas of computer science, from architecture to compilers and from operating systems to applications software.

Center for Human Computer Interaction

HCI is the region of intersection between the social and behavioral sciences, and information technology. It provides a challenging test domain for applying and developing social theory and a stringent source of constraints for creating and evaluating new information systems.

Discovery Analytics Center

The Discovery Analytics Center at Virginia Tech is a university-wide effort that brings together researchers from computer science, statistics, mathematics, and electrical and computer engineering to tackle knowledge discovery problems in important areas of national interest, including intelligence analysis, sustainability, neuroscience, and systems biology.