Anticipated Graduate Course Offerings

(Last updated October 19, 2017)

The table below shows graduate courses the computer science department plans to offer through Spring 2017. This list should be considered tentative; it is subject to resource constraints, faculty constraints and enrollment. See the Virginia Tech Time Table for scheduling details for specific semesters.

Course offerings marked ...

  • "B" are taught by Biology faculty
  • "E" are taught by ECE faculty
  • "I" are taught by ISE faculty
  • "M" are taught by Math faculty
  • "S" are taught by Statistics faculty
CS 5014 Research Methods in CS x   x  
CS 5104 Computability & Formal Languages   x    
CS 5114 Theory of Algorithms x   x  
CS 5124 Algorithms in Bioinformatics       x
CS 5204 Operating Systems x   x  
CS 5234 Advanced Parallel Computation   x   x
CS 5304 Translator Design & Construction x      
CS 5314 Programming Languages   x    
CS 5424 Computational Cell Biology   x   x
CS 5465 Numerical Analysis M   M  
CS 5466 Numerical Analysis   M   M
CS 5485 Numerical Analysis & Software M   x  
CS 5486 Numerical Analysis & Software   M   x
CS 5504 Computer Architecture E   E x
CS 5510 Multiprocessor Programming x   E  
CS 5525 Data Analytics S x x  
CS 5526 Data Analytics   S   x
CS 5560 Fundamentals of Information Security E x E x
CS 5565 Network Architecture & Protocols E   E  
CS 5580 Cryptographic Engineering   E    
CS 5584 Network Security x   x  
CS 5590 System and Software Security       x
CS 5604 Information Storage & Retrieval x      
CS 5614 Database Management     x  
CS 5634 Data Management in Bioinformatics        
CS 5704 Software Engineering x x x x
CS 5714 Usability Engineering   I   x
CS 5724 Models & Theories of HCI x   x  
CS 5734 Computer Supported Cooperative Work        
CS 5754 Virtual Environments   x   x
CS 5764 Information Visualization x   x  
CS 5774 User Interface Software     x  
CS 5804 Artificial Intelligence       x
CS 5824 Advanced Machine Learning x   E  
CS 5854 Computational Systems Biology   x