Prospective Students

The department of computer science at Virginia Tech is recognized for its interdisciplinary research emphasis, flexibility of course offerings, and increasing recognition on the national level as a dynamic graduate program. 

Use the links on the left (and below) to explore details about the admissions process and the many funding opportunities available for graduate students.


To be considered for admission during a given semester, all application materials must reach Virginia Tech by:

  • December 15 for the following Fall semester
  • We no longer accept applications for Spring semester

Due to the high volume of applications received, it is strongly recommended that you apply well in advance. This is particularly true for international applicants and any applicant who desires financial assistance.

To be competitive for fellowships/assistantships for Fall semester, applicants are strongly advised to make sure their application is complete by December 1

I don’t have an undergraduate in CS, can I still do an MS in CS@VT?

Admission: Our primary admissions criterion is your demonstrated ability to be a productive research graduate student in computing. We base this assessment on the academic record, proficiency in English speaking and writing, letters of recommendation, and prior internship/work experience. Furthermore, for admissions we require a background equivalent to two years of undergraduate training in Computer Science.

It is practically impossible to make up this background here at VT. Our undergraduate program is also facing incredible demand with little or no open spaces in undergrad courses, particular intro level courses. Second, if an applicant doesn’t have the appropriate background, their application will not be competitive for our graduate program.