Gigapixel Display Laboratory


Contact: Chris North

 The GigaPixel Display Laboratory is hosted by Virginia Tech's Department of Computer Science and the Center for Human-Computer Interaction (CHCI).  This NSF-funded facility contains reconfigurable ultra-high resolution displays, totaling approximately 200 million pixels, one of the highest resolutions in the world.

In addition to resolution, a unique aspect of this facility is its diversity of technologies and reconfigurability. Display technologies include rear-projection blocks and LCD panels. Interactive devices include touch panels, 6 DoF trackers, laser trackers, RFID, and various handhelds. Reconfigurability enables the display blocks and panels to be rearranged into arbitrary form factors, with plug-n-play flexibility of input devices. The facility is supported by computational clusters, and software to support rapid reconfiguration. The facility is co-located with the CHCI's AwareLab, providing VICON vision-based tracking for interactive input, and the 3Di Laboratory, providing immersive 3D displays. The GigaPixel Display Laboratory is located in the new Computer Science building at 2202 Kraft Drive.

This facility provides an ideal research test-bed for exploring fundamental questions of the design of future human-computer interfaces. It also provides a resource for advanced visualization and analysis of very large data. The massive number of pixels enables analysts to efficiently visualize much larger quantities of data than on traditional desktop displays. Research results have shown significant user performance advantages of such large-scale visualizations over their small-scale counterparts.