Interactive Visual Analysis and Exploration of Injection Systems Simulations

TitleInteractive Visual Analysis and Exploration of Injection Systems Simulations
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsMatković, K., M. Jelović, J. Jurić, Z. Konyha, and D. Gračanin
Conference NameProceedings of the IEEE Visualization 2005 Conference

Simulations often generate large amounts of data that require use of SciVis techniques for effective exploration of simulation results. In some cases, like 1D theory of fluid dynamics, conventional SciVis techniques are not very useful. One such example is a simulation of injection systems that is becoming more and more important due to an increasingly restrictive emission regulations. There are many parameters and correlations among them that influence the simulation results. We describe how basic information visualization techniques can help in visualizing, understanding and analyzing this kind of data. The ComVis tool is developed and used to analyze and explore the data. ComVis supports multiple linked views and common information visualization displays such as 2D and 3D scatter-plot, histogram, parallel coordinates, pie-chart, etc. A diesel common rail injector with 2/2 way valve is used for a case study. Data sets were generated using a commercially available AVL HYDSIM simulation tool for dynamic analysis of hydraulic and hydro-mechanical systems, with the main application area in the simulation of fuel injection systems.