Applying the “Studio Model” to Learning Technology Design

TitleApplying the “Studio Model” to Learning Technology Design
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsCox, C., Harrison, S., and C. Hoadley
Book TitleEducating Learning Technology Designers: Guiding and Inspiring Creators of Innovative Educational Tools
PublisherTaylor & Francis
CityNew York
ISBN Number978-0-8058-6471-7

 What knowledge and skills do designers of learning technologies need? What is the best way to train them to create high-quality educational technologies? Distilling the wisdom of expert instructors and designers, this cutting-edge guide offers a clear, accessible balance of theory and practical examples.


This cutting-edge guide:


  • synthesizes learning, instructional design, and educational technology perspectives on learning-centered technology — highlighting how interdisciplinary work is driving the fields of the learning sciences and technology design and development

  • offers helpful resources for both faculty and students — including descriptions of a variety of successful courses in learning technology design, examples of student work with commentary by instructors and students, and discussions of "lessons learned" in course development

  • includes a "To the Student" chapter that speaks in plain language about what is exciting and challenging about creating technology for kids