Connecting Families: an Introduction

TitleConnecting Families: an Introduction
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsNeustaedter, C., S. Harrison, and A. Sellen
Book TitleConnecting Families: The Impact of New Communication Technologies on Domestic Life
Series TitleCSCW
ISBN Number978-1-4471-4191-4

 Family life is complex and dynamic. It forms a core part of our existence. Underpinning family life, isfamily connection: how families not just communicate with each other, but how they share their lives and routines, how they engage in social touch, and how they negotiate being together, or being apart. This book explores the various ways in which family members “connect” within the same household, across distance, or across time. It investigates the impact of new communication technologies on domestic life and the changing nature of connection across a variety of family relationships, including couples, parents and children, adult siblings, and grandparents and grandchildren.