Congratulations Ji-Sum Kim who placed 2nd in the ACM GHC Grad Student Research Compeition

Publish Date: 02/05/2014

Ji-Sun KIm, 2012-2013 PHD graduate of the department, with co-advisors Denis Gracanin and Francis Quek, on being named 2nd place winner of the ACM Grace Hopper Celebration ( Graduate Student Research Competition earlier this month. Her competition entry, entitled "Action-Transferred Design Approach of Navigation Techniques for Effective Spatial Learning in 3D Virtual Environments", describes the core part of her doctoral research.  

Ji-Sun describes her research thusly: "The proposed action-transferred design approach was inspired by observations from theories of learning, action, perception, and neuropsychology. We empirically demonstrated the proposed action-transferred design approach addresses the practical usability issues of previous walking-like navigation techniques, while effectively supporting spatial learning. We believe that the action-transferred design approach can open many research opportunities and applications in human computer interaction (HCI) research area. These applications include virtual exploration of scientific datasets, historic places, or real estate, architectural or urban design, military or firefighting training, and even robotics (operation of unmanned vehicles)."

This is the 2nd year in a row that the department had a graduate student win 2nd place in this competition,  As a winner of a Student Research Competition at GHC Ji-Sun will be eligible to participate in the Grand Finals of all the ACM student research competitions for 2013-2014: