Congratulations Zalia Shams for winning the 2014 SIGCSE Competition

Publish Date: 03/20/2014

Congratulations Zalia (and advisor Steve Edwards) on your success at the SIGCSE Student Research Competition in early March. Zalia's submission was entitled "Evaluating Quality of Student-written Tests".  She provided the following abstract:

"Automated grading systems assess quality of students’ tests using code-coverage. However, it has a number of limitations. All-pairs testing and mutation analysis are two alternative strategies where a student’s tests are evaluated by counting how many faults the tests can detect from all other students’ solutions and from solutions having artificially injected bugs in them. We devise novel ways to apply these alternative measures in classroom assessment systems. We also compare defect-revealing capability of code-coverage, all-pairs testing and mutation testing, in terms of their accuracy in predicting the number of authentic, human-written defects the tests find. Experimental result with more than 700,000 test data analysis shows that, all-pairs testing is the most reliable test quality measure of the three."

This is Zalia's second award recently for her research. Last October she won the John Vlissides Award at the SPLASH Doctoral Symposium.