Spring 2014 Research Awards

Publish Date: 04/01/2014

Congratulations to CS Faculty who were awarded research funding in the winter of 2013/2014.

Dr. Susan White (PI) and co-PIs Dr. Denis Gracanin (CS), John Richey (Psychology), Stephen LaConte (VTCRI), Martha Bell (Psychology), and Inyoung Kim (Statistics) recieved new funding from the NIH. The proposal is entitled: "Development and testing of a Novel Neurotechnology to Promote Emotion Recognition in Autism".  Denis describes the proposed research thusly: "The social disability that characterizes Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) pervades other areas of adaptive behavior, is predictive of secondary mental health problems, and adversely affects long-term outcome. Although ASD is a chronic condition, there has been little research on interventions for adults with ASD to target social disability. We propose to first establish the neural plasticity of specific brain mechanisms underlying difficulties with facial emotion recognition, a core deficit believed to be pivotal in the behavioral expression of ASD-social disability, and subsequently develop a novel, computer-based intervention using real-time feedback to ameliorate emotion recognition deficits."

Dr. Aditya Prakash, was awarded new NSA funding (subcontracted from UMD) with PI Jon Katz (UMD). Aditya's portion of the grant is entitled: Human Behavioral Modeling of Cyber-Vulnerability', on which he will be working with collaborators Tudor Dumitras (EE, UMD) and V. S. Subrahmanian (CS, UMD). The abstract of this project is given as follows: "One of the weakest links in computer system security is the human--humans are tempted to click on links, to visit questionable sites, and otherwise display unhygienic cyber-behavior which increases their susceptibility to malware attacks. Developing models of human behavior for cyber security remains an important challenge and data driven approaches to understanding the human aspects of cyber-vulnerability are singularly lacking. In this proposal, we will develop new techniques to identify such risky human behaviors through carefully developed statistical proxies in Symantec’s extensive WINE (Worldwide Information Network Environment) database."

Dr. Ali Butt, was awarded funding from DOE-ORNL for the proposed research entitled "Tools and Techniques for Incorporating Disruptive Storage Technologies in HPC I/O Stack". Ali describes the work involved thusly: "The goal of this project is to explore the performance gap between HPC workflow managers and the underlying storage system. Specifically, we will explore the following research tasks: (I) design and develop a deployable tool for data offloading and staging services to avoid the perils of data purge; (II) explore the role of the active processing elements in the storage system such as Smart SSDs to make storage systems workflow aware; and (III) design and develop a framework that will allow scientists to visualize and analyze the failure and I/O logs of the DOE supercomputers. "

Dr. Chang-Tien Lu (PI) and co-PI Hesham Rakha (VTTI, CEE) recieved new funding from DDOT. This 1 year project is entitled "CapTOP Enhancements: DMS Module, Data Visualization and Social Media Analysis".  C.T. describes how this new work interfaces with the existing CapTOP system thusly: "The CapTOP system was deployed in DDOT Traffic Management Center (TMC) in 2007 to support traffic operations and incident management. The Virginia Tech team has been involved in the CapTOP enhancements since 2009, and has extensive experience in TMC operations and in-depth knowledge of the CapTOP software architecture and functionalities. With full understanding of DDOT missions and goals for efficient traffic operations, the Virginia Tech team plans to accomplish the following tasks in the year of 2014:
- Design of a dynamic travel time display system
- Analysis and visualization of highway traffic data
- Summarization and mapping of social media data
- Development of mobile applications for incident data collection
- Design of an interactive traffic information panel
- Implementation of a data sharing system in cloud"

Congratulations again to all the PIs. This is a great inter-departmental research effort!