CS grads Michael Stewart, Nathan Self, Siroberto Scerbo and Chris Frisina featured in the Roanoke Times

Publish Date: 05/09/2014

Excerpts By Jacob Demmitt:

Radious is in the early stages of development on a “co-listening” application that would let users listen to music with friends. The Radious team is made up of four computer science graduate students from Virginia Tech: Michael Stewart, Nathan Self, Siroberto Scerbo and Chris Frisina. “We’re just trying to take off the blinders that are created by these individual [mobile] devices,” co-founder Michael Stewart said. “It doesn’t have to be this way that we can only do things [like listen to music] by ourselves. We’re trying to turn that on its head a little bit and give the opportunity for when we want to re-engage with the people that we might want to share those experiences with.”

Because they don’t have any intellectual property protection right now, the team didn’t want to share the specifics of their idea. All they would say is that, in a way, they hope to take users back to the days of boom boxes when everyone could share musical experiences together.

The startup is based in NuSpark, an office donated by the Virginia Tech Foundation to act as a launch pad for the area’s youngest companies. About eight startups are now based there, and behind each is a team of locals who have decided to forgo typical 9-to-5 careers.

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