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Welcome to the CSRC website for employers. 

If you are interested in hiring Computer Science majors, the CSRC is the best way to meet our students.


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Please login to the CSRC Portal to renew your annual membership, review company information and RSVP for upcoming events.


Prospective New Members Information

If you are not a current member and would like to join the waiting list contact Laurie Brogdon, Director of the CSRC, at (540) 231-6819 or csrc@cs.vt.edu.

The CSRC gives you access to the fall and/or spring career fair (September/February).  We invite all computer science undergraduate and graduate students, as well as undergraduate students who plan to be CS majors to participate in these events. In turn, we use the annual CSRC dues to support scholarships, student activities, and other student events.