High End Computing and Computational Science

The Department of Computer Science has extensive research activities in the design and use of high-end computing systems.   Computational scientists and engineers use such large-scale systems to simulate natural and man-made systems, leading to new understanding and solutions to problems ranging from global atomospheric modeling to protein structure and function.  Faculty and students associated with the Center for High-End Systems (CHECS) focus on the design, implementation and evaluation of the powerful computing systems that make these kinds of simulations possible.

Computational Science Laboratory

URL: http://people.cs.vt.edu/~asandu/CSL/index.php
Contact: Adrian Sandu

Distributed Systems and Storage Laboratory

URL: http://research.cs.vt.edu/dssl/
Contact: Ali Butt

DSSL is interested in the design, development, and evaluation of next-generation storage and file systems. Specifically, the research focuses on tailoring these systems for growing data demands of modern high-end computing applications running on existing as well as emerging multicore architectures. To this end, we aim for innovation in systems that range from large-scale distributed setups to specialized kernel-level optimizations.

Laboratory for Advanced Scientific Computing and Applications

URL: http://research.cs.vt.edu/~lasca/
Contact: Layne Watson

The goal of the Laboratory for Advanced Scientific Computing and Applications (LASCA) is to provide expertise and leadership in high-end scientific computing research and education at Virginia Tech. Located in Torgersen Hall, the laboratory is a visible and strategic center of activity in applied high-computation and assist scientists and engineers in applying high-end computing resources to their problems. By bringing together experts in scientific cp\omputing and its applications, LASCA helps build the kind of multidisciplinary teams needed to address today's most challenging computational science problems.

Multiscale Modeling and Computation

Contact: Yang Cao

Scape - SCAlable PErformance Laboratory

URL: http://scape.cs.vt.edu/
Contact: Kirk Cameron

The SCAlable PErformance (SCAPE) laboratory is directed by Professor Kirk W. Cameron. Our main research focus is the design, analysis and improvement of scalable systems and applications using emerging technologies.

Structural Bioinformatics and Computational Molecular Biophysics

Contact: Alexey Onufriev

Our group uses computational methods to understand dynamics and function of large biomolecular systems such as proteins, DNA, and their complexes. Some of these methods are being developed in our lab. The computations are often performed on supercomputers such as VT's System-X.



Synergy Laboratory

URL: http://synergy.cs.vt.edu/
Contact: Wu Feng

The Systems, Networking, and Renaissance Grokking (SyNeRGy) Lab conducts basic and applied research that provides scientists and engineers with scalable and efficient computational tools that enable them to concentrate on their science and engineering rather than on the computer science and engineering. To that end, we explore a breadth of complementary intellectual activities that span the high- performance & enterprise-wide spectrum --- from systems software to middleware to applications software to tools --- in order to empower cyber-scientists and cyber-engineers of tomorrow.

Systems Software Laboratory

Contact: Godmar Back