Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science

Laboratory for Advanced Scientific Computing and Applications

Contact: Layne Watson

The goal of the Laboratory for Advanced Scientific Computing and Applications (LASCA) is to provide expertise and leadership in high-end scientific computing research and education at Virginia Tech. Located in Torgersen Hall, the laboratory is a visible and strategic center of activity in applied high-computation and assist scientists and engineers in applying high-end computing resources to their problems. By bringing together experts in scientific cp\omputing and its applications, LASCA helps build the kind of multidisciplinary teams needed to address today's most challenging computational science problems.

Network Dynamics and Simulation Science Laboratory


The NDSSL is pursuing an advanced research and development program for interaction-based modeling, simulation, and associated analysis, experimental design, and decision support tools for understanding large biological, information, social, and technological systems. Extremely detailed, multi-scale computer simulations allow formal and experimental investigation of these systems. The need for such simulations is derived from questions posed by scientists, policy makers, and planners involved with very large complex systems. The simulation applications are underwritten by a theoretical program in discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science that is sustained by more than a decade of experience with the interplay of research and application. Laboratory members are currently pursuing active projects in Wireless Networks, Computational Epidemiology and Algorithms, Complex Networks and High Performance Computing.