Anticipated Undergraduate Course Offerings

(Last updated March 20, 2018)

The table below shows the courses the computer science department plans to offer through Spring 2020. This list should be considered tentative, and is subject to resource constraints and enrollment. See the Virginia Tech Time Table for scheduling details for specific semesters.

Course offerings marked ...

  • "N" are for non-majors; students intending to major or minor in CS should not take these courses
  • "C" satisfy the CS capstone requirement
  • "E" are taught by ECE faculty
  • "M" are taught by Math faculty
  • "S" are taught by Stat faculty

Summer 2018 Anticipated Offerings

  • Summer I: 1044, 1054, 1064, 1114, 2114, 2505, 2506, 3114
  • Summer II: 1044, 1054, 1114, 2114, 3114
CS 1014 Intro to Computational Thinking N N N N
CS 1044 Intro to Programming in C N N N N
CS 1054 Intro to Programming in Java N N N N
CS 1064 Intro to Programming in Python N N N N
CS 1114 Intro to Software Design x x x x
CS 1944 Computer Science 1st Year Seminar x x x x
CS 2104 Intro to Problem Solving in CS x x x x
CS 2114 Software Design and Data Structures x x x x
CS 2505 Intro to Computer Organization I x x x x
CS 2506 Intro to Computer Organization II x x x x
CS 3114 Data Structures & Algorithms x x x x
CS 3214 Computer Systems x x x x
CS 3304 Comparative Languages x x x x
CS 3414 Numerical Methods x x x x
CS 3604 Professionalism in Computer Science x x x x
CS 3654 Intro Data Analytics & Visualization S x S x
CS 3704 Intermediate Software Design & Engineering x x x x
CS 3714 Mobile Software Development x x x x
CS 3724 Intro to Human-Computer Interaction x x x x
CS 3744 GUI Programming and Graphics x x x x
CS 3754 Cloud Software Development x x x x
CS 3824 Intro to Computational Biology & Bioinformatics x   x  
CS 4104 Data and Algorithm Analysis x x x x
CS 4114 Formal Languages   x   x
CS 4124 Theory of Computation x   x  
CS 4204 Computer Graphics x      
CS 4234 Parallel Computation x   x  
CS 4264 Principles of Computer Security x x x x
CS 4284 Systems & Networking Capstone C C C C
CS 4304 Compiler Design   x    
CS 4414 Issues in Scientific Computing M C M  
CS 4504 Computer Organization E   E  
CS 4604 Intro to Data Base Management Systems x x   x
CS 4624 Multimedia/Hypertext   C   C
CS 4634 Design of Information C   C  
CS 4644 Creative Computing Studio   C   C
CS 4704 Software Engineering Capstone C C C C
CS 4784 Human-Computer Interaction Capstone C C C C
CS 4804 Intro to Artificial Intelligence x      
CS 4824 Machine Learning E x E x
CS 4884 Computational Biology & Bioinformatics Capstone       C
CS 4944 Senior Seminar x x x x