Capstone Courses

Computer science majors must take at least one course from an approved list of capstone courses.  The purpose of this requirement is to ensure that students have at least one course that synthesizes and integrates skills and knowledge acquired throughout the CS undergraduate curriculum, and which includes a significant design experience, where teamwork and written and oral communication are a key part of that design experience.

Characteristics of a Capstone Course 

Although the various 4000 level courses designated as capstone courses focus on different problem domains and may be organized differently, all capstone courses are distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • Requires synthesis and integration of knowledge and skills acquired across the curriculum to solve a significant open-ended problem.
  • Provides a significant design experience in developing a solution, including the examination of multiple design alternatives, with justification for the final path taken.
  • Uses teamwork.
  • Requires significant written, oral and visual deliverables, including a summative report and presentation. 
  • Includes multiple reflection activities, perhaps repeated periodically, e.g., individual reflective writing assignments, design or code reviews, group or individual peer reviews.
  • Includes an evaluation or assessment activity to gauge the merit the solution.  

Approved CS Capstone Courses

        CS 4284, Systems & Networking Capstone

        CS 4414, Issues in Scientific Computing (when taught by CS faculty)

        CS 4624, Multimedia, Hypertext & Information Access

        CS 4634, Design of Information

        CS 4644, Creative Computing Studio

        CS 4704, Software Engineering

        CS 4784, Human-Computer Interaction Capstone

        CS 4884, Computational Biology & Bioinformatics Capstone

    Other CS 4xxx or 5xxx courses (including CS 4974/4994) may be approved as satisfying the capstone experience.  However, prior approval from the Associate Department Head is required.