Contact List

Use this table to determine where to go for help. If you need help with a matter not covered in the table, ask the undergraduate secretary in the Computer Science office where to find help. 

What Who Where
Add (Late)   212 Hancock Hall

Check Hokie Spa for your advisor's name. CS undergraduate advisors are as follows:

Career Services/Coop Career Services Smith Career Center
Career Advising Career Services Smith Career Center
Clubs - CS    
Coop Program - CS

Ms. Bradford
Mr. Farris

114 McBryde Hall
Course Withdrawal Advisor Advisor's Office or Advising Center
CS Majors' Checksheet   114 McBryde Hall; Advising Center
Dean's Office   212 Hancock Hall
Exam Changes   212 Hancock Hall
Graduation Checksheet    114 McBryde Hall
Honors Program-General Honor Staff 1st Floor Hillcrest
Honors Program-CS Dr. Ribbens 114 McBryde Hall
Independent Study/Undergraduate Research Forms   114 McBryde Hall
Jobs CS Job Database
Overload/Overhour Requests   212 Hancock Hall
Personal Problems Counseling Center 240 McComas
Resignation from VT by deadline R/W form 250 Student Services
Resignation from VT after deadline R/W form 212 Hancock Hall
Transfer Credit Evaluation-CS

Ms. Bradford

114 McBryde Hall
Transfer into CS Mr. Farris
114 McBryde Hall
Transfer out of CS Mr. Farris
114 McBryde Hall
Transfer Student Advising Mr. Farris 114 McBryde Hall
Undergraduate Consulting Lab   106 McBryde Hall