Systems & Networking Track

The systems and networking track provides students with a deep understanding of the interaction of software and hardware in computer systems and networks. Students completing this track will have acquired working knowledge of the analysis, design, and construction of complex systems software. Besides the core courses, students may take advanced courses in the areas of computer system design, computer architecture, networking, Internet technology, and parallel and distributed computing.

Employers value students graduating from the systems and networking track for their understanding of computer systems, their ability to understand and develop software, and their ability to apply a holistic approach to the systems design. Students graduating from this track will find jobs at companies performing core operating systems and networking work, including Microsoft, Google, IBM, Apple, NetApp, and Cisco. Based on feedback given to us by our industrial affiliates, we know that even employers whose core business is not in the systems area often look at the level of skill and understanding in this area as an indicator of an applicant’s overall quality. The track also prepares students for top graduate programs in the systems area by offering the opportunity to collaborate with systems and networking faculty on research projects.