VT-MENA Course Transfer Equivalency

The CS Department participates in the VT-MENA program. We often get requests for course transfers from students in the program. To make their transition to CS@VT easier, here is a table of equivalencies that should help them in transferring courses to our graduate program.

Restrictions and caveats

  • This equivalency does not necessarily imply that the transfer is automatic. The student still needs to follow the procedure described in the CS Graduate Handbook to complete the transfer.
  • Note that a course transfer is often approved by a local faculty that teaches the course or is an expert in the area. But this course transfer can only count your Plan of Study according to the rules in the degree and department that the student is enrolled.
  • This equivalency is just for the students enrolled in the Computer Science @ VT graduate program. If you are a graduate student in ECE, contact the graduate director there to identify equivalencies that apply to you.
  • Check the FAQ for current students (available here) for more information on course transfers.
  • Contact the Graduate Program Director in CS if you have any questions before initiating the transfer paperwork.
Alexandria University Virginia Tech
10611 Introduction to Digital Signal Processing ECE 5620 Advanced DSP & Filter Design
10626 Wave Propagation in Biological Media ECE
10641 Application of Mathematical Methods in Electrical Engineering ECE
10665 Electromagnetic Scattering ECE
10681 Digital Communications Theory ECE 5654 Digital Communications II: Advanced Theory and Analysis
10685 Spread Spectrum Communications ECE 5660 Spread Spectrum Communications
11615 Network Security CS 5560 Network & Computer Security
11701 Optimization Theory ISE 5405 Optimization
11702 Parallel Computation CS 5234 Advanced Parallel Computation
11704 Operating Systems CS 5204 Operating Systems
11714 Software Engineering CS 5704 Software Engineering
11717 Advanced Topics Database Systems CS 5614 Database Management Systems
11718 Neural Networks and Fuzzy Set Theory ECE 5724 Neural and Fuzzy Systems
11727 Advanced Computer Architecture ECE/CS 5504 Computer Architecture
11741 Systems Modeling and Optimization ISE 5406 Optimization
11744 Simulation Techniques ISE 5424 Simulation I
11748 Studies in Data Mining CS 5525 Data Analytics
11752 Theory of Algorithms CS 5114 Theory of Algorithms
14609 Mathematical Modeling MATH
14669 Optical Systems MATH
106382 Optical WDM Networks ECE
106641 Antenna Engineering ECE 6115 Antenna Theory and Design I
106831 Introduction to Statistical Communications & Information theory ECE 5634 Information Theory
716714 Advanced Topics in Software Engineering CS 5704 Software Engineering
716748 Bioinformatics CS 5124 Algorithms in Bioinformatics
716749 Simulation Techniques ISE 5424 Simulation I
716758 Topics in data Mining CS 5525 Data Analytics
11750 Computer Vision CS 5814 Digital Picture Processing
ECE 5554 Theory and Design of Computer Vision Systems
11751(9) Machine Learning CS