CS Force-Add Policy

Warning: Force-add requests for undergraduate CS courses may only be requested via the online form linked below. Force-add requests must be submitted before the closing date listed below, prior to the start of classes. Force-adds cannot be requested by attending the first week of class.

CS force-add requests will only be accepted from students who:

  • Are unable to request CS courses (or Math 2534) during the Course Request period due to a prerequisite or a class restriction; or
  • Must repeat a CS course failed in the most recent semester; or
  • Requested a required CS course during course request, but did not get it and all sections are now full.

You will not be forced-added to a course if you received it at registration and dropped it later.

Even if you submit a force/add request for a CS course, you should still continue to try to add it through the drop/add mechanism when it is available. Drop/Add & Course Request Dates

If you get a message saying you need permission when you click on the survey link, please open an incognito window, sign into your VT email and try again. The permission is linked to your VT email address.

CS Online Force-Add Form

Spring 2019 Force/Add Request Form

Closes: 8:00 AM Monday, January 14, 2019

Responses: Requests will receive a response by 5:00pm Friday, January 18, 2019

Status: Check the status of your current request(s)

Cancel: Cancel a pending request

By Permission: Force/Add By Permission Only (only for students who have specific permission from their CS advisor or instructor to force/add a specific course)