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Alumni Advisory Board

Advisory Board Members

The Department of Computer Science  Advisory Board was created to advise the department head, advocate for the department, mentor current students and recent alumni, as well as give back through time, effort, and other  resources for the advancement of the department.

Membership on the board is selected from professional leaders in the computer science, engineering, and technical fields. Three-year membership terms are appointed by the department head.

The board meets twice per year in person and works on projects throughout the year in support of the department, led by four committees: executive, alumni engagement, communications, and student engagement. Priorities for each committee include:

  • Executive: provide coordination to ensure that the other committees are able to meet their goals throughout the year and help prepare the agenda for board meetings.
  • Alumni engagement: provide opportunities for alumni to stay involved in the department through a sense of community in our Facebook group and regional events.
  • Communications: provide feedback to the department on internal and external communications.
  • Student engagement: provide mentorship and entrepreneurial opportunities for students.


Advisory Board Members

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