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Master of Engineering

Advance your career to mid-level or advanced positions in the computing industry by earning a Master of Engineering (MEng) degree from the Computer Science Department at Virginia Tech.  This is a course-work only master's degree in Computer Science.

Advantages for You

  • Completed in as little as three semesters if full-time
  • Part-time  option
  • Competitively priced with scholarships available for Virginia residents
  • Offered mainly at the Northern Virginia campus, soon to be the Innovation Campus located in Alexandria, Virginia
  •  In-depth knowledge about software development, communications skills, and ethical issues related to computing technology
  • Access to a broad range of specialty areas such as software development and applications, data analytics, artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, and computer security

Contact Us

For questions about the program or the application, contact us at: or 571-289-5987.

Application Deadlines

See application deadlines here.


Course Distribution  

Required Courses:

  • CS5024: Ethics & Professionalism in CS  (3 credits)
  • CS5040: Intermediate Data Structures and Algorithm Design* (3 credits)
  • CS5934: Capstone Design (3 credits)

* May be waived at admission and replaced by another graduate level course. This is typical for students with a CS undergraduate degree or minor. Note that students may not receive credit for both CS3114 and CS5040.

Concentration Requirement

  • Three courses in one of concentration areas (9 credits)

Elective Courses

  • Four (if taking CS5040) or five elective courses (12 or 15 credits) at 4000 level or above (list of graduate courses)
  • Maximum of six credits at the 4000 level (list of 4000 level courses).
  • All courses must be in CS, except one course from an outside department from the approved cognate course list
  • Credits from 4000-level courses on the cognate list and most CS4xxx courses can be used for graduate credit, except CS4944, CS4964, CS4974 and CS 4994.
  • CS5894 Final Examination, CS5904 Project and Report, CS5944 Graduate Seminar, CS5974 Independent Study, CS5994 Research and Thesis, and CS7994 Research and Dissertation cannot be used to satisfy any MEng credit requirements.

Total number of required courses is 10 (30 credits)

Concentration Requirements

The below information is based on our anticipated offering for 2023-2024 academic year. Course offerings and modality may change in the future terms. This is a tentative schedule of course offering and subject to change. For the most accurate list of course offerings, consult the Virginia Tech Timetable of Classes.

Students must complete three courses in one of the below concentrations.

This list is effective Fall 2023. Students who entered the program prior to Fall 2023, may follow the old concentration list.  

Software Development & Applications

Course # Course Title
CS 5244* Web Application Development
CS 5254* Mobile Application  Development
CS 5704* Software Engineering
CS 5744 Software Design and Quality
CS 5774 User Interface Software
CS 5784 Software Project Management

*MEng students meet this prerequisite unless their admission criteria require the completion of CS2114. All students admitted to the MEng program under Clear (waived CS5040) or CS5040 admission criteria (as indicated on their departmental letter of admission) meet the prerequisite for any course that lists CS5044 as a prerequisite. Students admitted under CS5020 admission criteria, meet CS5044 requirement once they complete CS5020 or CS2114.

Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Course # Course Title  
CS 5764 Information Visualization  
CS 5804 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence  
CS 5805 Machine Learning I  
CS 5806 Machine Learning II  
CS 5814 Introduction to Deep Learning  
CS 5834 Introduction to Urban Computing  

Computer Security

Course # Course Title
CS 5560 Fundamentals Info Security
CS 5565 Network Architecture and Protocols I
CS 5584 Network Security
CS 5590 System and Software Security

Human-Computer Interaction
(ONLY available at the BLACKSBURG campus)

Course # Course Title
CS 5714 Usability Engineering
CS 5724 Models and Theories of HCI
CS 5734 Social Computing and CSCW
CS 5754 Virtual Environments
CS 5764 Information Visualization
CS 5774 User Interface Software

Background Requirements

Students are required to have as a minimum a course on their transcript that is equivalent to CS5020 or CS2114. Similar courses are taught at nearly all universities and colleges. Consult VT Undergraduate Transfer Equivalency Database to find CS2114 equivalent courses at other institutions.

Students are strongly advised to have proficiency in the Java programming language prior to attempting CS5040. Students need to be ready for CS5040 – Intermediate Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis, which relies heavily on object oriented design design, data structures concepts and Java Programming. They also need serious practice with writing programs of the appropriate scale, which means significant programming practice.

While not required for entry into the program, other useful background would be a Discrete Math course, and a course in basic Computer Architecture or Computer Organization, similar to CS2505.