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Chapman Pendery named outstanding senior in computer science

"It is evident that Chapman is ambitious and has a thirst for knowledge, is intelligent, driven, dedicated, and focused in his academics and leadership abilities."

Chapman Pendery
Chapman Pendery

Computer science senior Chapman Pendery has been named the 2021 Outstanding Senior in Computer Science. He will be receiving an Honors Laureate Diploma, which he earned by maintaining a 4.0 GPA during his undergraduate career at Virginia Tech. 

Pendery maintained an overall 4.0 GPA while working part-time jobs or internships throughout six of his seven semesters. In fact, he is one of four computer science students graduating this May who hold a 4.0 GPA. 

Among computer science students, Chapman stands above others graduating this year in both academics and service.

"His academic record is an example of why our graduates are sought so eagerly by employers and graduate schools alike, and his qualifications show in the two internships he has completed," said Stephen Edwards, associate department head for undergraduate studies, in his nomination letter for Pendery. "At the same time, he has invested in our university community through his service work, which has helped both Virginia Tech students and members of our broader community alike."

Pendery is well-known among many of the computer science faculty, not only due to his perfect academic performance, but also due to his interest and engagement in scholarly research. He has already co-authored one journal article in the prestigious IEEE Transactions on Quantum Engineering, and is currently working with another faculty member on a second paper for publication.

"That level of engagement is more typical of M.S. students than undergraduates," noted Edwards.

With regard to student leadership positions, Pendery has held roles as resident advisor, sub-team lead of Virginia Tech Autodrive Validation, computer science ambassador, and vice president for the Virginia Tech Student Government Association. "They each have provided me the opportunity to serve as a student leader on campus," said Pendery.  

"My role as sub-team lead allowed me to operate our team and complete all our timeline objectives before Covid-19 postponed our competition until the end of my tenure," said Pendery. And his role as computer science ambassador helped him to connect students with computer science at Virginia Tech among the digital wave of the pandemic.

As an undergraduate teaching assistant for the Department of Computer Science and Director of Events for Student Government Association, Pendery directed his service to others. He supported more than 750 students in his time as an undergraduate teaching assistant for CS:2506, which earned him an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Award at the department's recent virtual awards banquet.

As director of events, Pendery managed more than 150 events and meetings for SGA that reached more than 2,000 students at Virginia Tech. 

"It is evident that Chapman is ambitious and has a thirst for knowledge, is intelligent, driven, dedicated, and focused in his academics and leadership abilities," said Tonisha Montgomery, academic advisor in the Department of Computer Science, in her nomination letter of Pendery.

Congratulations Chapman!