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Theory and Algorithms


The Department of Computer Science has a critical mass of faculty interested in the formal and mathematical aspects of computer science.  Our research group, called Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science (MFCS), gives internal as well as external visibility to this area of expertise in the department, especially to prospective graduate students, faculty,  and sponsors.  The research interests of this group include:

  • Design and analysis of algorithms
  • Data structures
  • Computational complexity theory
  • Computational epidemiology
  • Formal languages and logic
  • Formal specification and verification
  • Discrete and continuous optimization
  • Computational learning theory, including computational cognitive science
  • Formal  aspects of complex networks and multi-agent systems
  • Discrete dynamical systems
  • Computational aspects of stochastic systems
  • Theoretical and computational biology

These topics intentionally overlap with some of the focus areas of the other research groups, and provide the opportunity for significant collaboration with others, both inside and outside the department.