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Welcome to the CSA Graduate Force Add Form for Spring 2022!

(Updated - 11/28/21)

Please read the following page carefully before submitting a force add request.


  • The form will open on Monday, November 29th at 12 noon ET.
  • The form will close for Winter Break at 12 noon ET on Tuesday, December 21st.
  • The form will reopen again on Monday, January 3rd at 12 noon ET. 
  • The form will officially close at 12 noon ET on Friday, January 21st.


Rules of the Game and the Force Add Request Form:

(read first before submitting your request)

A force add request does not guarantee placement into the course.

There are a lot of factors that go into reviewing a force add request which include, but are not limited to, physical capacity of a classroom, cross-list capacity of shared courses between departments, and instructor's workload. Please note that even online classes have their limits.

Ensure you have no holds on your account. We cannot override holds to process a force add request.

Also, make sure that you are not already registered for 18 credit hours for the term. We cannot force add beyond 18 credits hours for the term.

Ensure there are no time conflicts with your requested course.

If a time conflict is found, your force add request will not be processed.

Only submit requests for CS graduate courses.

Do not submit requests for courses outside of the CS Department.

Please do not submit requests for undergraduate CS courses through this form. Please use the CS undergraduate form.

Requests are reviewed each morning Monday through Friday.

Requests received after 9 a.m. ET will be reviewed the next business day. Updates on requests will be provided via email by 5 p.m. ET once they have been reviewed.

Please do not contact the CS Department in person, by phone, by email, etc. for an update on your force add request. We ask for your patience as we carefully review all requests. :-)

Did you review rules #1-6? OK. Good.

If you are ready to submit your force add request, please access the force add request form here. Please note that if there's an issue with your form, it may not be processed.

Please make sure you are logged into your VT Google Credentials as this Google Form will require your VT Google Credentials.

A reminder that this form will be available starting at 12 noon on Monday, November 29th.